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Diamond Jubilee Recreation Center


Ice Rink

The Dickson Arena provides a perfect place for hockey games and skating for all ages. Ice is put in October and lasts till March.


The Hanson Hut

The Hanson Hut provides the best homestyle meals around! Come by for supper! Click on the picture for their link on Facebook.


Arena Seating

With over head heat and plenty of space you can enjoy a hockey game, gymkhana event, or skating performance at any angle.


Change Rooms

Our arena has 6 change rooms available. Two were installed recently. The other four are large sized change rooms ideal for any hockey team.


Meeting Room

Our meeting room is used for meetings with hockey, skating, and 4H. If you need a meeting room, we have one for you!


Indoor Seating

If you prefer a warmer place to watch any of the activities we have then you can sit upstairs in our upstairs viewing area. 



The new showers in our change rooms are just what you need after a sweaty game of hockey.


Dirt Arena

Dirt is hauled into the arena when the ice is removed in March. The dirt stays in till September and hosts many horse activities. 

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